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TISAX® Implementation guide with TX® solution
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Advantage through knowledge
TISAX® Implementation guide
Advantage - through knowledge
Beratung zu TISAX VDA ISA
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Our solution model for implementing TISAX requirements

The implementation of TISAX on the basis of the VDA ISA requires comprehensive know-how as well as experience in the subject. It is a complex undertaking.

Except for small companies, it can usually only lead to success as a project with sub-projects. But at the beginning it is advisable to start with an assessment of the current situation. Consulting and its implementation is our passion - we have more than 20 years of experience in this field. We are happy to explain our approach here.

Implementation of a TISAX project/procedure model

From our many years of experience and completed projects, we have the expertise to carry out such a demanding project. For a TISAX project, we have developed a TX procedure model that we would be happy to implement with you in practice.

In the individual phases we support you with process templates, sample guidelines, sample documents for the proofs or measure proposals.
Vorgehensmodell Consuvation für TISAX / VDA ISA

TISAX - GAP Analysis

Our recommendation is always to start with a TISAX Assessment. In this we determine the current situation and the degree of fulfillment. Together we evaluate the current state and develop necessary measures. Based on this, we estimate the internal and external requirements to meet the TISAX requirements. This enables you to estimate the project costs for TISAX implementation.

Based on this, you will receive an assessment report, audit results, action planning and a rough project plan.
TISAX VDA ISA Aufwand Kosten

TISAX - Project planning

Based on the assessment results and our experience, we jointly determine the necessary measures to meet the TISAX requirements. We take into account your company's framework conditions, such as other projects or dependencies on corporate structures. We then draw up a project structure plan, which we coordinate and adapt with you. Together with you, we roughly plan the internal and external efforts and include them in a TISAX project plan. This forms the basis of a cost estimate for implementing the TISAX requirements. This enables you to assess how you want to proceed with the implementation of TISAX in your company.
If you should decide on a joint project with us, we offer you the use of our TX solution. It consists of a process model with the necessary roles and document templates. Of course, this model still has to be adapted to your company. The second building block is our e-learning portal with the necessary basic training. As a third building block, we offer you a document system with which you can manage your proofs and, if necessary, also map workflows. If you already have your own system for this in your company, we will map the solutions there.
Thus you have a "red line", the necessary transparency and roadmap and "blueprints"! This makes you faster and more confident with your TISAX project. We clear the way for TISAX and accompany you until successful implementation. We are not only strong in the role of conceptionist, but also in the role of implementer. Pragmatic, practically good!

CONSUVATION complies with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 31000 / ONR 49001 and ISO 22301.

We help you with all your questions about TISAX and VDA ISA
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