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TISAX® Implementation guide
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TISAX Implementation costs and the CONSUVATION Approach

TISAX cost for implementation

Implementing TISAX® in a company is a complex project. It depends on the size, complexity and framework conditions of the company in which it is to be implemented. As the size and complexity increase, so do the requirements for implementation and thus the costs. Therefore, it is dubious to communicate effort values on the Internet, because they depend on many parameters, such as for example:

  • In which service industry does the company work
  • How many locations it has
  • How many employees are working in the area of TISAX
  • How is IT support provided - internally or externally
  • What has been outsourced
  • Do further management systems like ISO 9001 or ISO 27001 already exist?

It should also be noted that internal costs are involved and that external costs must also be taken into account. It must also be taken into account that an auditing company must be commissioned to carry out the TISAX assessment. The ENX registration process also involves costs.

For a TISAX® cost breakdown - therefore - three items must be taken into account:

Cost block A:
1. the introduction and implementation costs for TISAX®.
2. the operating costs for TISAX® on a 3-year basis.

Cost block B:
3. registration costs at ENX on a 3-year basis.

Cost block C:
4. the cost of the TISAX® assessment, performed by an audit firm.

See our whitepaper for more information.


The implementation of TISAX® requires significant resources - for smaller companies this is usually not affordable.

For this reason, we have created affordable implementation solutions for all sizes of companies - making the implementation of TISAX® affordable for smaller companies in particular.

CONSUVATION takes a different approach to implementing TISAX than most TISAX consuting companies on the market.

We offer "not only" consulting on TISAX - we offer a solution for the implementation of the requirements of TISAX. Almost turnkey.

We adapt these solutions to your company - no matter if you are a small or a large company.

If you want to compare offers on the market, you must not compare apples with pears.

We start with your registration at ENX and accompany you until you achieve the TISAX labels. In between there are a lot of steps, which we know very well from our TISAX project experience. This is a problem for many companies that are at the beginning of TISAX - they can't even imagine what all has to be done - we know it.

We don't quote unserious efforts, we calculate the efforts together with you.
We will be happy to accompany you on the journey to the desired TISAX labels and look forward to hearing from you.


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